Speaking engagements

Martina has an ability to resonate with virtually any audience, her many speeches inspiring generations of tennis fans as well as those in the wider business world.

Her clients have included some of the biggest businesses in the world: HSBC, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Société Génerale, the Singapore Tourist Board, the Financial Times, BNP Paribas and Google to name a few.

Her ability to move with our ever-changing times means her voice resonates as much today as at any time during her illustrious tennis career whether it be trading forehands from the baseline with Chris Evert or passing on her pearls of wisdom to the next generation of players.

In essence, the multifarious list of companies with which Martina has worked highlights both her versatility and her popularity, the testimonials as rich in that aspect of her career as during her playing heyday.

The content of her speeches adapt for every occasion, whether it be covering gender equality in the work place, pushing for LGBT rights, inspiring leadership in the wider world or encouraging a planet with greater diversity. On every occasion, she weaves in anecdotes of her own life on and off court to draw parallels with her audience, with whom she perpetually has a great affinity.

Her wide variety of engagements has garnered her popularity in every corner of the globe, boasting a fanbase that few tennis players can match. 

She has a following of some quarter of a million people on Twitter, her subject matter there ranging from tennis successes to the current political climate in the United States, the central message being that Martina continues to push whatever she believes in, those beliefs as strong and steadfast as ever.

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